Welcome to Factorial! Inc.

Factorial! Inc. provides professional engineering consulting services specializing in the field of Forensic Engineering

Services available include emergency response for on-scene accident investigation and scene documentation as well as vehicle inspections for both passenger and commercial trucks. Factorial! Inc. specializes in accident investigation and reconstruction methods to determine dynamic interactions of vehicles with the accident environment. Vehicle speeds are the most commonly requested variable to be determined in an accident reconstruction.  Road-worthiness (Out-Of-Service Criteria) determination and DOT style inspections are routinely performed in serious accidents involving commercial trucks.

Visibility studies, in both day and night-time environments, are capabilites of our engineers.  

Factorial! Inc. engineers are certified CDR system operators. CDR or Crash Data Retrieval is the system that allows investigators to interrogate passenger vehicles for pre-crash and crash impulse data. This type of information is often referred to as "Black Box" data.  Our staff has extensive experience reviewing and interpreting commercial truck data recordings relating to accident seqences.

Our engineers are well-versed in failure analyis for suspension, drivetrain and machinery parts and components.  

Determination of overload versus fatigue failure modes is one commonly requested analysis.